Flickr Gettr: IDIA performs at the International Annual Science and Technology Festival in India

John Fillwalk and Jesse Allison travelled to Mumbai, India for the International Annual Science and Technology Festival, January 22-24, to exhibit the Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts’ (IDIA) “Flickr Getter” installation. The festival, the largest of its kind in Asia, hosted more than 65,000 attendees. In addition to exhibitions such as “Flickr Getter”, the festival featured keynotes such as Lars Rasmussen, Co-Founder of Google Wave and Google Maps; Vic Hayes, father of Wi-Fi; Ajay Bhatt, Co-Inventor of USB; Jonathan Gardner, Senior NASA Scientist; and R. Chidambaram, Principal Scientific Adviser of the Government of India.

IDIA’s Flickr Getter is an interactive, sonic and visual experience, immersing the viewer in a three-dimensional cloud of user searched Flickr images. The installation, completed in collaboration with the New Media Consortium, Linden Labs and the Institute for Digital Fabrication, was also highlighted in the festival’s promotional video.



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