On October 2nd, 2014, the IDIA Lab participated in the Muncie Arts Walk, a tradition that is a part of the First Thursdays event put on on the first Thursday of every month.

At our building on the Arts Walk we had multiple stations set up displaying a number of our interactive technological projects:

When a guest walked in they were immediately greeted by a Blue Mars avatar simulation that responded to and mimicked gestures captured by a Microsoft Kinect.

An Oculus Rift was available to transport people into the center of Stonehenge to walk around and explore the landmark in a lifelike 3D virtual world.

Using Max MSP we created a unique audio visual software that converts a persons voice waveform into an incredible video display.

Andrew Hesik ended the night with a skilled electric drum performance using a drum set and a Dance Dance Revolution board.


Keep an eye out for the next time we’ll be set up for the Muncie Arts Walk.​