interActivity: IDIA at Philips HighTech Campus during Dutch Design Week

during Dutch Design Week

Collaboration with IDIA Lab and MAD Emergent Art Center

John Fillwalk and Jesse Allison

MAD Emergent Art Center Rien Daamen and Réné Paré

October 17-25, 2009 15-21 SLT live daily through the 25th

Virtual location

Physical location: Philips HighTech Campus and NatLab in Eindhoven, Nederlands

‘Traversal for Eindhoven’ is a live performance / hybrid reality installation that bridges the physical and virtual worlds. It connects Philips NatLab in Eindhoven to a virtual environment as part of the 2009 Dutch Design Week. Avatars will be able to perform a physical synthesizer in the Philips NatLab via an interactive online virtual instrument built by IDIA – located near a 3D model of the Eindoven High Tech Campus. The sound of the live synthesizer will be streamed back into Second Life, so the virtual and physical participants can hear their interactions with the instrument.

DUTCH DESIGN WEEK From October 17 through October 25 2009, Eindhoven presents the 8th edition of Dutch Design Week, the largest design event in the Netherlands. Around 1500 designers from home and abroad will show their work in more than 60 locations all over the city of Eindhoven from design disciplines such as industrial design, concept design, graphic design, textile & fashion, spatial design, fooddesign and design management & trends. Visitors will be given insight into the entire development process from concept to product in various disciplines ranging from industrial design to applied arts. The participants include established bureaus, high-profile designers, talented newcomers, and recently graduated designers, one of the reasons why this Dutch Design Week is the perfect meeting place for designers, companies, and public.

MAD EMERGENT ART CENTER The Foundation MAD is a platform and workshop for Emergent Art: art that exists in the exiting world between cultural and cutting edge technological developments.MAD emergent art center is laboratory, platform and provider on the intersection of art, science and technology. MAD addresses artists, designers, scientists, public groups, institutions, governments and businesses. This on regional as well as national and international level.
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