Immersive Environments in Digital Humanities Teaching and Learning

iED_2013_SUMMIT_BOSTON_BANNER_1024x640Director John Fillwalk will survey recent simulation projects by the Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts (IDIA Lab) at Ball State University that implement several approaches of immersive teaching and learning models within 3D environments. Instructional design, scholarly interpretation, and technical concerns will be discussed in exploring these multi-user virtual projects that will include the Virtual Hadrian’s Villa Project, 1915 World’s Fair Simulation, Virtual Middletown: Lynd Middletown Studies, Nursing Simulator, Virtual Temple of Artemis Lunar Simulator – one of the wonders of the ancient world, Virtual Stonehenge, Virtual Broad Museum of Art and a simulation of the Solarium Augusti, the largest sun calendar of the ancient world.

All projects discussed are produced in the game engines of Blue Mars / CryEngine2 and Unity 3D. The IDIA Lab at BSU engages artists, scholars, designers, educators, scientists, and technicians in the exploration of the intersections between the arts, science and technology. Scholarly, creative and pedagogical projects investigate immersive virtual reality, human computer interaction, visualization, and 3D simulation. IDIA Lab develops projects in partnership with a cohort of international clients and scholars – investigating the forefront of immersive media design and learning.