An interactive intermedia installation

Michael Pounds

John Fillwalk

Jesse Allison


“Trans|form” is an interactive sound sculpture consisting of five metal plates with

attached mechanical transducers that vibrate the metal according to audio signals sent

from the computer. Signals sent from the computer are resonated according to the

physical properties of the metal plates. Additionally contact microphones attached to the

plates can provide feedback to the computer, allowing the computer to gather information

about the specific resonances of each metal plate. This information can be used to further

exploit those resonances by adjusting the audio signals sent to the plates.


Interaction is provided through a capacitive sensing mechanism. When viewers move

their hands near the plates or touch the plates, signals are sent to the computer, allowing

the viewers to trigger sounds or modify the properties of sounds through their hand



Five different metal sheets/plates are used with varying physical dimensions and

thicknesses. Different transducers are attached to each plate according to its physical

properties, and each plate will resonate at different frequencies.

Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts [IDIA Lab] at Ball State University