Traversal for Boston Cyberarts

Traversal for Boston Cyberarts was a live performance and hybrid reality installation that bridged the physical and virtual worlds. It connected Faneuil Hall in Boston with a bell tower with midi controlled carillon as part of the 2009 Boston Cyberarts Festival.

Virtual participant could perform the physical bell tower via an interactive online virtual instrument built by IDIA – located in a 3D model of Faneuil Hall. Participants from all over the world could play the actual French carillon on top of Shafer Tower via their avatars. The ringing of the bells of Shafer Tower was streamed and simulcast back into Second Life, so the virtual participants can see and hear their interactions. Participants at Shafer Tower could also connect to their virtual counterparts through technology set up at the base of the tower and perform the bells locally through the same virtual interface.

IDIA collaboratively designed and built this interactive artwork for the Boston Cyberarts Festival.



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Virtual Reality Brings Interactive, Immersive Art to the 2009 Festival