Virtual Art Museum and Virtual Collaboration Center Projects in AvayaLive Engage

Avaya_ArtMuseum2The IDIA Lab has developed two new simulations for AvayaLive Engage – a multi-user virtual world platform based on the Unreal Game Engine. The virtual collaboration Center is a multi-use teaching and learning facility prototype for use by large and small groups containing rich media and collaboration tools including desktop sharing, presentations, drop box, white boards, streaming video and webcam. The Virtual Art Museum is a demonstration of an interactive museum experience with links to companion webpages including a database that allows for extremely close examination of the paintings. Both simulations work on Mac and PC within industry standard web browsers and will be launching in the month of May, 2013. You can visit the project here: Certain areas need administrative permission – we will be opening these up in the near future.

[idia_gallery]AvayaLiveEngage_SS01 AvayaLiveEngage_SS02[/idia_gallery]

AvayaLive Engage
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