oneWAPIHANNE is an interactive artwork visualizing live streaming data from water stations along the White River in Indiana. The stations are installed and monitored by the United States Geological Survey [USGS] – reporting the current gauge height and water speed over time. The visualization graphically represents each stations’ data in their entirety or individually – with overlays for station locations, and record river levels. Wapihanne is the name for the White River in the Delaware language.

The chromatic tiles in the upper left represent the gauge stations along the White River. The monochromatic tiles in the upper right represent supplemental data overlays – displaying a line graph of the river height over time, a compressed map of the White River with the approximate location of the gauge stations, and the record levels for each station. In the bottom right of the screen is a gray tile that refreshes the data and restarts the program.

Each flow of station data represents river height and velocity over the course of the last thirty days. The top of the flow is the height, and the size of the flow is related to velocity. Touching and dragging a specific flow, will reveal detailed information about that particular reading – creating a sound with volume tied to river velocity.
one WAPiHANnE: White River data Visualization